Kill la Kill, Ep 4: The hardships of the underprivileged

ScreenHunter_448 Oct. 24 21.14

Following up the dramatic and action packed episode of last week, the ladder-climbing plot resumes with one of the most comedic and cartoony of Kill la Kill episodes to date, and with great results.

Animation is even more limited and simplistic than before, though that sort of works Kill la Kill’s favor since this episode is all comedy anyways. (Trigger really knows how to work with a limited budget.) The majority of the time the characters have slightly more chibi character designs than usual, and quite a few scenes have such ridiculously obvious use of CG that, especially the scene where Makoi gets frozen up by Senketsu.

I wouldn’t call this the best episode as some have since I much prefer the more serious aspects of the show, but it was certainly hilarious

The fact that the school even has a “No-Late Day” shows just how much the student council love to screw around with the impoverished no-star students. It’s a wonder why the student council even has a day designed to decrease the number of students, although historically plenty of rich people have shown to walk all over the poor for petty and childish reasons.  Meanwhile with each episode, the lives of the no-star students continue to seem worse and worse; it’s no wonder why that student in the first episode risked their life to steal a Goku uniform.

ScreenHunter_447 Oct. 24 21.11

It was pretty obvious that something was up with the Makoi girl, with her making a point to feel a jolt of pain at every inconvenient moment to slow down Ryuuko and Mako. The fact that she was apparently put in a cast by the first trap and able to drive were also pretty big giveaways, (although not exactly since this was a pretty wacky episode to begin with.)

I really liked the gag of Makoi “accidentally” pulling Ryuuko’s pants down and revealing he  panties to Mako’s father and brother. It’s just so hilarious how perverted Mako’s family is with ogling Ryuuko—it’s so ridiculous that even the dog gets nose bleeds! It’s interesting how panty shots have suddenly made this huge comeback this season, among shows like NouKome, Walkure Romanze, and Yuushibu. And damn, between the sabotage pantsing in Kill la KillWalkure Romanze’s jousting training, and NouKome’s “missions,” these shows are surprisingly creative with just how they show off the girl character’s panties.

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