Monogatari Series: Second Season, Ep 21: It’s almost like a recap episode

ScreenHunter_518 Nov. 24 21.12

It got spoiled to me beforehand that Hitagi End would be narrated by Kaiki rather Senjougahara or Araragi, so I can’t I was too surprised by that aspect of this story arc.  I’m also not too dissapointed about not having it be narrated by Senjougahara herself, since I like the idea of the story being narrated by one of the other adult ghostbusters. Personally I think Meme might have been a more interesting choice, but Kaiki is pretty cool too.

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this episode though since it’s largely just Senjougahara and Kaiki going over the events of Otorimonogatari and trying to convince Kaiki to take the job. It’s kind of funny actually since we were expecting this to follow the pattern an be a recap episode, and it essentially was in some respects.

ScreenHunter_516 Nov. 24 21.11

The only really notable parts of the episode is how Kaiki and Senjougahara conversation goes, and how Kaiki eventually agrees to help. I liked the scene at the end where Kaiki tries to figure out a possible reason for why he should help Senjougahara and Araragi. He seems so detached and apathetic towards the situation, yet he tries so hard to come up with an excuse to help them out; it’s almost as if he’s a writer trying to figure out how to logically connect two plot points in a story.

It was also interesting to see Senjougahara losing her cool and getting tense. She’s usually the most calm and collected of the cast, but now she’s driven into such a corner that she’s  begging one of the people she hates the most to help her out; not surprising that she would be easily provoked into splashing orange soda into Kaiki’s face.

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