Monogatari Series: Second Season, Ep 22: Yandere’s have never been so adorable

ScreenHunter_528 Dec. 01 12.33

I was not expecting the psychotic yandere to be that adorable. With how friendly and moe Sengoku acts it just makes you want to keep her company and save her from being so lonely. Her current state is equally disturbing and pitiable though; Sengoku’s sanity has degraded to the point where she hardly even remembers anything about her past or why she wants to kill Koyomi-Oniisan, and just wants to kill him out of abstract emotions and to “keep a promise.”

Kaiki continues to be a surprisingly great protagonist for the story, with his acute observations and gloomy nature. I like how on the surface he seems to detached and uncaring about the situation, yet at the same time he does things which imply that he actually does have a heart underneath that sickly pale skin. He accepts just the measly 10,000 yen from Senjougahara on the reasoning that the nephew of one of his old friends is friends with her, and that Senjougahara wouldn’t be able to pay the full sum anyways even if she did sell her body, but really he probably just wants to help.

ScreenHunter_530 Dec. 01 21.10

Kaiki’s observations of Sengoku’s room are telling and reinforce a lot of the things about her character that we saw in Nadeko Medusa. She was such a pushover that her “cuteness” was more of just something that her parents brought onto her. And after being called cute by others so many times she eventually got sick of it, and now that she’s a god actually revels in the idea of someone finding her frightening or repulsive. I wonder though why Sengoku’s parents are so reluctant to see what’s inside her closest—or reluctant to show Kaiki what’s inside, at least.

It’s pretty hilarious though that Sengoku’s love-hate relationship with Araragi manifests in her giving him fanservice whenever he stops by, and then nearly killing him afterward. Ahaha, never change Araragi. But aside from being a pervert, his savior complex is probably a big reason why he visits Sengoku so often despite nearly getting kill each time.

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