Tenth Day of Anime: Mako is medicine for the soul


Throughout its eleven episode run so far, Kill la Kill has captivated us and proved itself worthy of the expectations which were set upon Studio Trigger. It’s got great action, it’s hilarious, and it’s got a good amount of actual serious drama. There are a lot of things to love about this show, but if I were to pick a single thing about the show to blog about for Twelve Days it would be about one single character, it would be the lovable comedy sidekick, Mako.

Mako is the shining star which radiates light onto the bleak hopelessness of life. The academy in Kill la Kill is literally ran by fascists where an oppressive system of classism is squarely placed and each student is mercilessly thrown into a survival of the fittest situation. Most other students either approach their situation with apathy or terror, but not Mako. Mako always remains optimistic and resolute, going forward in life in spite of the oppression and suffering going on around her.


She is insusceptible to even the pain of a hundred tennis balls getting thrown in her face; she has the intellectual prowess to rise her and Ryuuko’s fighting club to the top of the academy food chain, and she is perhaps the greatest speech giver to ever grace the animated medium. Her charms are boundless, and merely gazing upon her is enough to make your own life seem less awful. Always serving as a beacon of hope for both Ryuuko and us the audience and teaching the importance of friendship; giving everyone the strength to follow her example and continue forth in life with the utmost optimism, Mako is truly one to be revered.

I also think Mako’s just about one of the only anime character whose bowl cut I actually find rather cute. Maybe that’s just because bowl cuts are usually relegated to ugly dweeb characters while Mako is a cute highschool girl, but either way Mako rocks it.


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1 Response to Tenth Day of Anime: Mako is medicine for the soul

  1. rikuo06 says:

    The roundness of Mako’s head puts my heart at ease.

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