Ninth Day of Anime: Let me hit you!

ScreenHunter_565 Dec. 17 12.57

Yuyushiki is one of my favorite shows for the year. It’s random sense of humor and fun characters make it both a hilarious and engaging slice of life comedy. I was hooked on it within the first few minutes, but there was one scene from the first episode of the series which has really stuck with me, that being the S/M quiz scene.

Yui, Yuzuko,and Yukari are offered to join the now on hiatus Data Processing Club, where apparently kids go to to dick around on the internet instead of anything productive. I was skeptical of what a show could do with that sort of premise, (even for a slice of life fan such as myself,) but the previous 15 minutes of the show gave me confidence that it wouldn’t be too bad.

So the three girls examine the room and check out the computers, and what’s the first thing they do with these computers?

ScreenHunter_559 Dec. 17 12.36

Yup, Yuzuko starts talking about how she’s a sadist according to an S&M quiz, and asks if she can uhit Yui; sweating and panting hard as she does so, anxious to test out her potential sadism and see if it’ll turn her on.

ScreenHunter_560 Dec. 17 12.38

ScreenHunter_561 Dec. 17 12.38

At this point I was already laughing from how unexpected this whole thing was. So then Yui quickly gives in and decides to take the quiz, warning her friends not to look at the screen while she answers the questions. As things calm down for a few seconds and Yui takes the quiz, Yuzuko comments “I bet your an M deep down,” and I (perhaps naively) expect someone like Yui to get “Sadistic” on the quiz just like her friends. But then Yui gets her results:

ScreenHunter_562 Dec. 17 12.42

ScreenHunter_563 Dec. 17 12.43

And now Yukari wants in on the action, and all of the sudden we’ve got two girls wanting to experiment with their sexuality and smack Yui silly; with yet more heavy panting and shaky cam. This time I’m not merely chuckling but full on bursting with laughter. I’m usually rather indifferent towards jokes that use BDSM for humor, but Yuyushiki nailed it. For a few months I even had that last screencap as my header image on Twitter.

ScreenHunter_564 Dec. 17 12.48

Yuyushiki is a wonderful show.

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