Third Day of Anime: What it means to be the most popular girl in school

ScreenHunter_599 Dec. 23 18.51
Within the school of 
NouKome there lies two opposing forces, the Reject Five and the Popular Five, the lowest and highest ranking individuals among the schools popularity polls. Such a title for the latter group gives the impression that they are individuals which demand respect, but for a while the Popular Five don’t seem to have that much power and appeal over their fellow students. Sure, Ayame has some people willing to act as human furniture to please her sadism, and Konagi has a dedicated foursome of fans willing to beat up any males who try to associate with her, but you know, that’s nothing too impressive for characters in a comedy. And the other three members of the group were relatively forgettable to begin with.

ScreenHunter_597 Dec. 23 18.50

Such a perception that I had on the group changed with episode 7 however, when the Reject and Popular Five squared off against each other in a tournament; particularly when Seiya is introduced to the audience just before she faces off against Kanade is a game of rock paper scissors. Before Seiya was just a nice onee-san type girl, who also seemed to know about Kanade’s multiple choice curse. But see, little did I know that in the world of NouKome being voted as the most popular girl in a school isn’t just something that can happen to any boring onee-san figure.

When Seiya is introduced before her match, her sex appeal just happens to so great, so god-like and amazing that she can make an entire stadium of people to collectively orgasm without doing so much as standing still and smiling at them. And that’s including the men and women in the stadium too; so great is her charms that she turns what I would presume are heterosexual women into lesbians over her. This sort of popularity goes beyond the mere dedicated followings that Ayame and Konagi have, for Seira’s popularity goes beyond sexuality and gender if she can make just about anyone orgasm upon seeing her. Quite simply, only a god could attain such levels of perfection.

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