Witch Craft Works, Ep 3: Just another training episode

Witch Craft Works, 2, so blue

…Although now we have an idea of how things are going to go down. For the most part this was a bit of a standard training episode, but there’s one scene that stands out; when Takayashi and Kagari get ambushed on a bus by a powerful tower witch, Chronoire Schwarz VI. Through their dialogue it’s confirmed that Takayashi does indeed have the power to bring a great devastation upon the world (or other words, Kagari wasn’t just joking in the last episode,) and he’s given some sort of orb which can unlock whatever his power is.

Unless it’s just a red herring, it seems obvious that Kagari’s life will get endangered again and Takayashi will end up eating the orb, which should be when the allegedly messed up stuff started happening. My wild guess is that he really will end up unleashing his power and Witch Craft Works will go full-on post-apocalyptic on us.

One thing I wonder though is that, if Takayashi is a potential catalyst for the destruction of human civilization as we know, why does he only have one bodyguard? Kagari may be a highly skilled and capable at fire witch, but she’s still only one person, and in fact almost failed to protect Takayashi because she got ambushed by another powerful individual. I get that Kagari wants Takayashi to maintain a relatively normal life, avoiding the safer option of just imprisoning him somewhere where the tower witches can’t reach him. But why not at least have a few more Workshop Witches watching him from behind the scenes? Make it so Kagari always has backup nearby in case she gets ambushed like in this episode.

Witch Craft Works, ep2 so green

The whole scope of the show in general seems rather confined. According to Kagari, every town has multiple “workshops” of witches set up to protect the world from tower witches, but we barely even have a sense of that. We’ve only seen about a dozen tower witches, and only a handful of workshop witches, which seems particularly odd since we have a character like Takayashi. Shouldn’t there be more tower witches trying to capture him, and more workshop witches trying to protect him? Maybe there’s only a dozen or so witches within each town, but even then this seems like a situation that would warrant other witches to move out of their jurisdiction and provide assistance.

I figured it might be interesting to see a strong and independent female character train a wimpy male lead, but having her “get too close” to him all the time and provoke the anger of his classmates was a bit much. I kind of wish the show would tone it down a bit with the gag of having the whole school want to kill Takayashi for getting close to Kagari. I appreciate the implication of there being a whole mob of women wanting to get into Kagari’s pants, but it’s not all that funny. Well, to be fair I did laugh when Takayashi was drowned in a pile of death threats. That was pretty hilarious.

I am still enjoying this show overall. Some aspects of it have been a bit odd or irksome, but so far the worst thing it’s really done is be a bit bland and generic in the story department. Hopefully the big twist happens soon though, or else I won’t stop anticipating it in these blog posts.

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