World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Ep 7: Now we’re back to the good stuff

World Conquest (ep 7) Gotta love the CONQUEST stamps

Ah, finally we’re back to the good Zvezda Plot, and as was evident we’ve gotten to the turning point where the series gets more serious. Or more plot-oriented, anyways.My thoughts for the episode mainly concern the events and revelations which occur towards the end of the episode. Firstly, Just before Kate “conquers” the school and nearly smashed Asuta, she declares: 

Ever since the day I was born, I’ve been destined to conquer the world. But that’s true of everyone. Every one of us has what it takes to become a world conqueror. If you insist on denying me my conquest, then let’s see you try to conquer me!

Considering Asuta’s reaction to it and calling it contradictory to her actions, hard to say how seriously we’re supposed to take Kate’s blabbering.   Like I’ve explained before, actually conquering the entire world is practically impossible unless you have some super advanced technology at your disposal, so saying that anyone can do it sounds a bit heavy-handed. Perhaps she’s pointing out that at the end of the day, the people doing the conquering are just human, so any human could technically do it, but that sounds pretty obvious. Plus, Kate is clearly special. She’s a child genius—or at the very least, a natural Hitler when it comes to her speech giving skills, at least, and she has magical powers and access to the mysterious technology of the ancient Udo civilization. She’s not really just anyone.

World Conquest (ep 7) RUN BOY RUN

She’s also directing her words toward Asuta in particular. Asuta was the one person who went along with Kate into the weird Udo alternate dimension, so Kate’s probably just targeting him because he was the first person that Kate saw while become a power-hungry monster. Not being herself, she automatically registered Asuta as something she must “conquer.” Though as this episode reveals at the end, Asuta is also the son of the director of the Tokyo Armed Forces Special Mobile Unit so perhaps there’s a connection there too.

I figured a third party was going to get introduced in this episode, and it also turned out to be whoever was talking in the post-credits scene of episode 3—Asuta’s father. Considering that White Light now turns out to be a “lesser” organization compared to the Tokyo Armed Forces, it makes me wonder just how dangerous the Japanese government saw Zvezda to begin with. You would figure that an evil organization capable of summoning giant monsters would be at the top of their most wanted list, but apparently they’ve only reached that level of security threat now that Kate’s unlocked whatever power was hidden at the school. (Though to be fair, monster Kate is clearly more powerful than the normal Zvezda monsters.) Maybe the government just trusted that White Light would be enough to get rid of Zvezda, but now they’ve realized that having an organization full of teenage girls wearing funny costumes isn’t really the best idea.

World Conquest (ep 7) Precious family photos

Asuta seems awfully fine with his “sanctuary” getting closed down. Lets consider the significance of that for a second; it was his sanctuary solely because it was the time that he got to spend away from Zvezda without worrying about all the wackiness of that place. It’s the time of day where he gets to feel like a normal kid, and do what he’s always done; study and hang out friends (assuming he has friends other than Renge.) But now that his sanctuary has been destroyed, so too has his connection to the normal world been severed. He already ran away from his parents house too, so without highschool he really does just have nothing but Zvezda now. At least unless the school gets rebuilt before the end of the series.

Asuta was also living with his grandfather and ran way from home, so presumably he doesn’t have that great of a relationship with his parents. Of course, it’s too soon to really judge considering that we’ve barely seen the guy for more than a ten-second scene, but Asuta’s father doesn’t seem all that stressed out for a guy who’s kid recently ran away from home. Asuta also apparently has a sister too; I wonder if that’ll have any importance later on.

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2 Responses to World Conquest Zvezda Plot, Ep 7: Now we’re back to the good stuff

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Called it, rich boy’s son. Also the picture in the room hints at Asuta having a sister. The preview next week showed a new White Light member…naaaahhhhh. Too obvious.

    I wonder if Renge-chan put 2+2 together after that moment?

    Also, how dare “Who cares what her name is” ojou-sama belittle the mighty Loli Hitler!? UDO-Hitler should have crushed her with her righteous conquest hammer!.

    • She also looks younger than him, so maybe we’ll get some imouto jokes too.

      Considering how obvious it was in episode 5, I wouldn’t be surprised if Renge continues to think that Dva and Asuta are two seperate people. Though at this point that’d start to get a little annoying.

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