Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, Ep 1: The power of a true man

Kenzen Robo (ep 1), our hero informing the heroine what must be done

Just within the first tens seconds I was immediately drawn into Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, with the two things that exemplifies the story being presented on-screen right off the bat: huge tits and giant robots. Yes, Daimidaler is that kind of show. A show where men are men and pilot robots with their “Hi-ERO” superpowers, and women are women with huge tits meant to be fondled. Daimidaler is a true man’s show; made by men for men, and just the kind of show for a woman like me.

Madanbashi is a true man’s man. He doesn’t let what society deems to be morally “right” weigh him down, but rather acts upon what he finds true to his heart. When a teacher orders him to change into their school’s official uniform, Madanbashi doesn’t merely give in and comply like any of those boring, normal students. No. He does what only the greatest of men would ever do—gropes the large breasts of his teacher, runs away, and like a master flip the skirts of several girls as he runs past them.

You could say that Madanbashi is merely a low-life pervert who has the maturity levels of a ten year old, that he’s what society might call a “molester.” But he’s not just doing these acts for himself. Well, maybe he is, but he’s not the sole person who benefits from this perverted chikan behavior. In fact, it turns out he has Hi-ERO particles flowing through his body, and in order to trigger the full potential of these particles, he must fondle the breasts of women and get his libido going. It’s only with these powers that he can hope to fuel a giant robot and vanquish penguin furries. So it’s not just Madanbashi’s manhood and libido which benefits from this breast fondling, but the greater good of humankind.

Kenzen Robo (ep 1), the master at skirt flipping

So when his robot, Daimidaler, is low on fuel and pressed into a corner, is it really that bad for him to “coerce” Kyouko into letting him fondle her breasts? And especially when Kyouko clearly ends up liking it, is his perverted, or dare I say manly behavior all that bad?

And Daimidaler has quite an original and revolutionary mecha design, I must say. It has long hair, one giant arm, and one tinny skeleton of an arm. Does this hair or drastic difference in size for the arms serve any practical purpose in combat? Who knows, but it looks amazing and clearly the next big thing for mecha anime, even better than the designs of classics like Evangelion or Gundam. Not to mention the fact that Daimidaler is indirectly powered by its pilot fondling breasts and getting aroused; if that’s not the future of alternative energy for mechas, I don’t know what is.

The enemies of Mandabashi, the penguins, are worthy opponents as well, with their front “tails.” And like any formidable foe they’re not completely lacking a sense of morality; when Madanbashi returns to his home to find the penguins going through his sizable pornographic magazine collection, he promptly runs away; but like true sportsmen the group of penguin furries take the time to put his magazines away before chasing after him. And to rival the brilliant design of Daimidaler, they’re mecha even has a cannon in the middle of it’s crotch.

The first ten seconds of Kenzen Robo Daimidaler had me sold on the show, and by the end of this first episode I was certain that this would undoubtedly be the best show of the Spring season, possibly even of the year. Yes, dare I say, even better than the new Jojo anime.

Kenzen Robo (ep 1), I wonder if it was intentional for this to look like a handjob out of context


Okay, now in all seriousness, this show is pretty rapey; the main character’s superpowers are literally activated by him molesting women. But I’m not going to lie, I found every minute of this show hilarious, and I’m not even joking when I say the first 10 seconds of the episode had me sold on it. And yeah, Madanbashi actually is just a pervert with the maturity of a ten year old, and the mecha designs for this show are ugly as shit—hell, the visuals in general were a bit subpar at times. But I believe that’s the point, as it’s clearly intentional with how ridiculous it is.

Sometimes I do question myself for finding shows like this and ImoCho hilarious,* but oh well, I like what I like I guess. And it’s far from reflective of my views on rape and molestation in real-life, which I think are horrendous acts, and no means no. If I saw a guy like Mandabashi in real-life, I’d have no hesitation in calling him a creep or scumbag, but it’s easier to let his actions slide when he’s just a cartoon character—particularly since Daimidaler doesn’t take itself seriously in the first place. It’s be different if this was something like Btooom! or Violence Jack, which do take themselves and their rapeyness rather seriously.


*I haven’t actually watched passed the first episode of ImoCho, but it’s only because I’m waiting for the uncensored BDs. What have I become.

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