Black Bullet, Ep 9: Moar catgirl lolis

Black Bullet 9, 8

I’d be pretty excited to see a catgirl too, to be honest.

Not too exciting of an episode this week, and by not exciting I mean there’s not less to write and laugh about. Rentarou and his buddies go to the JASDF base the night before the raid on the Gastrea threat, find their third and fourth pairs of civil officers, with just a few shenanigans in between.

The episode begins with Rentarou and Tina paying Sumire a visit at her lab. I think it’s pretty funny how Sumire just never lets up on the rape and pedophile jokes about Rentarou, informing Tina that “He’s felt the butts of a hundred young girls in passing, and invaded elementary schools to steal stool samples a thousand times.” Then a bit later during a serious conversation where Tina wonders if she’d be better off going her own way to avoid Professor Rand looking for here, Rentarou insists that he and Tendo Agency need her, which Muroto kindly explains that he really means “You’re a vital part of my little girl harem plan, so there’s no way I’m letting you get away.”

This was only to be expected, but as this episode lets us see some more civil officers of varying ranks, we get to see yet more ridiculous character designs for these monster-slayers. For example, we see a few who are armed in full-on body armor straight out of medieval Japan and Europe, a fat punk who looks like he’s a thug from Fist of the North Star,  and even a catgirl! Rentarou also explains to Enju that full-bodied armor shows lack of confidence and that it’s better to remain lightweight. And judging by Rentarou and his pals, that pretty much means no armor at all. But that’s just silly since having no armor is almost just as bad as being slowed down by some archaic form of armor; you got to have some protection against these monsters, after all. And haven’t these civil officers heard of actual, modern-age body armor that the military and police use?

Black Bullet 9, 4

Later the leader of all the civil officers who have gathered for this missions gives a speech, and afterward when taking questions Rentarou raises his hand; questioning why the civil officers are so far away from the main JASDF army on standby, and speculates whether they’ll even call for their help at all. Well, that’s another one of Rentarou’s wacky speculations that seem to come out of nowhere. But hey, he’s the protagonist so of course he’s probably right. If he’s right though, it would be awfully peculiar for the JASDF not to ask for their help, and I wonder what sort of thing they could be planning. I don’t have much confidence though that it’ll be anything but asinine.

The new guy, Shouma, is nothing too interesting. Just some quiet, boring guy who has a lot of respect for Rentaoru and Kisara and their martial arts. His loli however, Midori, is at least entertaining with her shy moe attitude and catgirl powers. Not going to lie, the scene where Enju and Yuzuki pants Midori to see if she has a tail was legitimately funny. Lolicon pandering be damned.

Kisara shows up towards the end of the episode to join Rentarou’s adjunct and be Tina’s Promoter. She insists to Rentarou that she join them in spite of her health issues, which is indeed pretty reckless and unwise, but I suppose that’s the point. I just hope she doesn’t become some damsel in distress for Rentarou to rescue. Then shortly afterward when they’re alone Rentarou almost confesses his love for her before being interrupted by the rest of the group walking in on them. Nice to see the guy show some backbone I guess.

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