No Game, No Life, Ep 10: Hot feet-licking action.

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Another breather episode to lower the tension and get us pumped up for the upcoming climax of this story-arc, just like with this week’s episode of Black Bullet.

A good portion of the episode is Clammy and Fil introducing themselves to the rest of the cast, and what to do you, they’re actually pretty fun characters when they interact with the rest of the cast as allies. It was also nice to finally learn more about their backstories, since they’ve barely made any appearances since the chess game between Sora and Clammy. Now that they have each others memories, Sora and Clammy have developed an interesting dynamic with each other.

We also learn that the Elven Garden is modeled after Ancient Greece. As Fil explains, they’re a democracy, but one with a clear slave system as well, similar to how Ancient Greece was. They even pan over some Grecian-looking statues as Fil narrates a flashback. In this case its humans that are enslaved, with Clammy being the slave of Fil, who’s also a part of the Upper Diet for the Elves. Considering that Elkia is the typical standard fantasy setting based off of Mediaval Europe, and the Eastern Federation is based off of Japan, it makes me wonder what the other countries must be like; are they modeled after relatively advanced, ancient societies as well. What’s next, Egyptian rock people?

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The comedy in this show continues to stay strong. The scene where Fil has Jibril lick her feet for payback was funny, as well as the bathhouse scene, which I’m sure will be even funner with an uncensored BD release of the show. I even found the parts where they made fun of Clammy’s flat-chest humorous, if only a little annoying. (Okay, in writing this all sounds like pretty typical anime comedy trash, but really it’s good!)

At one point, Sora explains to Clammy why he’s so confident they’ll win against the Eastern Federation: “If it were just me I’d be sure to screw it up. But Blank is different. If I make a mistake, Shiro is there. That’s how Blank always wins.” I guess this was only evident from early on in the series, but the feeling that their sibling is better than them seems to be mutual, as they both look up to each other. As this same scene illustrates by having Shiro researching the Eastern Federation while Sora looks at creepshots of his lady friends, she’s simply the more behind-the-scenes member of the duo. It’d still be nice to see her do more in the show though.

Huh, so Sora deliberately betted his Race Piece so that the people of Elkia would scrutinize the game with the Eastern Federation more, making it more difficult for the latter to cheat. Sora also explains that Blank know’s they’ll win and don’t need anyone, and therefor are completely unfazed by all of Elkia hating their guts. At first this seems likes even more reason to wonder just how their social anxiety works until the ending of the episode, in which the arena for their game with the Eastern Federation is modeled after Tokyo, causing Sora and Shiro to collapse with fear. Proving that they’re immense confidence really is just because they were put in a new environment like Disboard, away from the harsh real world which was the source of all their social issues.

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  1. higgsbosoff says:

    Quentin Tarantino approves of this.

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