Slowing down on the blogging

how i feel about aniblogging

Short explanation: I’m going to slow down on the blogging, quit episodic blogging altogether, and stick to essays and editorials from here on out.

Longer explanation:

The past couple of days I’ve come to realize, or rather I’ve stopped denying, that the joy and benefits I get out of blogging just don’t justify the time it takes away from things more important to me, such as my art and Japanese studies. Which is especially so when blogging about a show every week often feels more like a chore rather than something I truly do for fun. And this isn’t just because of my recent ambitions to do four blog posts a week either; I felt the same even last season when I just had two posts a week to deal with.

But at the same time, aniblogging is still something I’d like to do, at least for another year or two. And I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve said all I have to say about anime, as well as stories and art in general. So the past couple days I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should do with this blog. There’s a lot of things I’d personally be better off doing than forcing myself to blog about shows weekly, but at the same time I still do want to continue writing about anime. But then I got to thinking that the blog posts which I’ve been most proud of haven’t been episodics, but more self-contained essays like “On Fanservice” and “Samurai Flamenco: Love and empathy are beyond justice”.

So now the compromise that needs to be made seems clear: Stop episodic blogging altogether, and do more editorials. I’ll just write essays about anime whenever I feel like it, without stressing myself out to meet deadlines. With that said, it’s hard to say just how often I’ll end up posting here now. It could be as often as a few times a month. Or maybe this blog will just die a slow, agonizing death, and you all will finally be able to make jokes about how Anime Is Dead is dead. But we’ll see.

I’ve still got another a month before Anime Is Dead’s 1 year anniversary, but I’d like to thank all my readers in advance for the attention and support they’ve given this blog the past year. It’s been fun.

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4 Responses to Slowing down on the blogging

  1. Overlord-G says:

    It’s your decision to make SN. Whatever fulfills you the most go with that and stick to it. I’ll still drop by as you’re an amusing person and you enjoy writing essays. Even your episodics are essays.

    • Thanks, good to know my #1 commenter will remain faithful w

      I probably should have been a bit more careful with my wording since “episodics” and “editorials/essays” is a bit of an arbitrary distinction. But eh, you all know what I mean. (Unless you meant that last sentence as a compliment, in which thanks again!)

      • Overlord-G says:

        It was a compliment because you go into detail about whatever message you could find in each episode and discuss them as if you were writing an informative essay. Anyway I look forward to your next post.

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