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Space Patrol Luluco: Normalcy and First Love

Luluco is your average middle school girl, and like many middle schoolers, there are two things which she most desires: to fit in and to be viewed as normal, and to experience love. At its heart Space Patrol Luluco is a coming of a age … Continue reading

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Backlog: そにアニ、Super Sonico The Animation

When Super Sonico: The Animation first aired, I challenged myself to write a blog post about the first episode.

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Animal Farm: The Film to Out-Disney Disney

Written by myself, Lucille M. Hatfield, for a class on the history of animation. “The British out-Disney Disney,”  was what one newspaper said of Animal Farm when it was first released in 1954 as the first animated feature film to … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime, #11: An obsessive onii-chan

  So I’m in the back seat of a car in the middle of my two brothers, as the family is driving to our Grandmas’ to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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12 Days of Anime, #12: A wonderful trainwreck.

This, my friends, is the face of a champion. Rail Wars! was a decent show.

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Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu, Ep 1–6: To become that which you love

Earlier this year I attended both of Hiroyuki Kanbe’s panels that he hosted at FanimeCon.

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Amagi Brilliant Park, Ep 1–3: The unforgiving world of business

Amagi Brilliant Park is a story about the world of business and what it takes to run a successful company, and much like in reality, this world is ruthless, cold, and unforgiving.

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