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Koe no Katachi and Nails That Stick Out

  I recently re-read the first volume of 聲の形 (Koe no Katachi,) which depicts the bullying of Nishimiya, an elementary school girl who is deaf. When I first read this comic, it simply struck me how cruel the classmates were … Continue reading

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Manga: I Am a Hero

Volumes: 12 (ongoing) If you happen to have some teenager or geeky friends who are really into the whole zombie fad, you’ve probably heard the saying that if the zombie apocalypse were to ever happen, it would be the geeks … Continue reading

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Manga: Devilman Lady

Apologies for there being no Kill la Kill or Monogatari posts last week; I was busy for Halloween, and right after that I got my wisdom teeth pulled, so getting aniblog posts done on time wasn’t too much of a concern. After sleeping all … Continue reading

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Koe no Katachi, Chapter 1: It’s Not a Sequel

Oh, so Koe no Katachi actually did get greenlit for a serialized version. I hadn’t heard anything of that aside from some wishful thinking by those who read the one-shot, though apparently it was announced right before I read the one-shot … Continue reading

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