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12 Days of Anime, #12: A wonderful trainwreck.

This, my friends, is the face of a champion. Rail Wars! was a decent show.

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Rail Wars!: Trains, trains, and more trains

And so the show about wars on rails has come to an end, and did it live up to its expectation of being the quintessential Japanese cartoon about trains? No, not really, but it was still alright.

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Et cetera, Summer 2014, Week 1–3: First impressions

So now my blogging schedule will be in the sort of awkward order of Zankyou no Terror on Thursdays, Tokyo ESP on Fridays, Weekly round-ups on Saturdays, and Akame ga Kill! on Sundays.

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Rail Wars!, Ep 1: Training for some trains

I’m sure he’d like to drive his train into her tunnel. I’m sorry. I had to say it.

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