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12 Days of Anime, #11: An obsessive onii-chan

  So I’m in the back seat of a car in the middle of my two brothers, as the family is driving to our Grandmas’ to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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12 Days of Anime, #12: A wonderful trainwreck.

This, my friends, is the face of a champion. Rail Wars! was a decent show.

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Third Day of Anime: What it means to be the most popular girl in school

Within the school of NouKome there lies two opposing forces, the Reject Five and the Popular Five, the lowest and highest ranking individuals among the schools popularity polls.

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Fifth Day of Anime: THEY WOOOOOOOOOON!!!

I wasn’t able to write a Twelve Days post yesterday, so I’m skipping to the Fifth Day of Anime. Sorry. With sports anime, the plot is often structured in a win or lose all sort of situation.

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Seventh Day of Anime: Summer, the season of crossdressers

The summer season this year had quite a few examples of characters who either crossdressed or were gender-nonconforming in some way or another.

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Eighth Day of Anime: Let’s give her a hand, folks!

I’ll admit that as of this writing I still haven’t gotten around to watching the last five episodes of Symphogear G, but it still manages to earn a place on my series of Twelve Days posts.

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Ninth Day of Anime: Let me hit you!

Yuyushiki is one of my favorite shows for the year. It’s random sense of humor and fun characters make it both a hilarious and engaging slice of life comedy. I was hooked on it within the first few minutes, but there was one … Continue reading

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Tenth Day of Anime: Mako is medicine for the soul

Throughout its eleven episode run so far, Kill la Kill has captivated us and proved itself worthy of the expectations which were set upon Studio Trigger. 

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Eleventh Day of Anime: Sōun Ebisugawa’s machinations revealed

The first nine episodes of Uchouten Kazoku are pretty laid back, to the point where you could almost call it a slice of life anime.

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Twelfth Day of Anime: Gainax is NOT dead

Twelve Days of Anime is an annual blogging event in which bloggers across the anisphere, starting on December 14th and ceasing on Christmas day, write a blog post each day about an anime-related moment from the past year that they … Continue reading

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