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Backlog: そにアニ、Super Sonico The Animation

When Super Sonico: The Animation first aired, I challenged myself to write a blog post about the first episode.

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Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu, Ep 1–6: To become that which you love

Earlier this year I attended both of Hiroyuki Kanbe’s panels that he hosted at FanimeCon.

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Amagi Brilliant Park, Ep 1–3: The unforgiving world of business

Amagi Brilliant Park is a story about the world of business and what it takes to run a successful company, and much like in reality, this world is ruthless, cold, and unforgiving.

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Tokyo Ghoul, Ep 12: To be hurt

Throughout the final episode to the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki is under the captivity of the ghoul Yakumo and undergoes severe torture.

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Rail Wars!: Trains, trains, and more trains

And so the show about wars on rails has come to an end, and did it live up to its expectation of being the quintessential Japanese cartoon about trains? No, not really, but it was still alright.

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Tokyo Ghoul, Ep 8: Two sides of the same eyepatch

If there’s one thing I appreciate about Tokyo Ghoul, it’s how it portrays a complicated situation between two opposing forces; or more accurately, multiple forces within the two broader groups of humans and ghouls.

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Et cetera, Summer ’14, Week 6: Shoujo’s that aren’t shoujo’s

There’s only a few shows that I’m actually caught up on, but that’s all I need to write a blog post. This week, it’s Ao Haru Ride, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Hanayamata, and Himgoto.

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Akame ga Kill!, Ep 4: The voices

Shortly before the battle between Akame and Zank the Executioner ends, Zank suddenly ask Akame “How do you deal with the voices? …

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Et cetera, Summer 2014, Week 1–3: First impressions

So now my blogging schedule will be in the sort of awkward order of Zankyou no Terror on Thursdays, Tokyo ESP on Fridays, Weekly round-ups on Saturdays, and Akame ga Kill! on Sundays.

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Tokyo ESP, Ep 3: Allies of justice

Traditional superheroes, and by extension crime-fighting heroes in general, tend to be depicted as a fun, clean career where some attractive people with cool powers beat up bad guys to save the day.

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